Moshlings, (released December 22,2011), are collectible creatures for you to collect. They are obtained by planting various types of seeds in your garden. Moshi Members can keep up to 6 Moshlings in their room, whilst ordinary players can keep only 2 Moshlings. Moshi Members also have a Moshling Zoo, in which they can store as many Moshlings as they can attract.

There are currently 63 Moshlings for you and your Moshi Monster to catch, but 1 more new Moshling is expected to release very soon.He is: Tingaling. Mister Moshi has a contest for you to try. It is to create a moshling for him!

Types of Moshlings: Some Moshlings are available only to Moshi Members, as they require seeds available only to Moshi Members. These types of Moshlings are often referred to as rare or ultra rare Moshlings, as the seeds required to catch these Moshlings can only be purchased from the Super Seeds shop at The Port. There are currently a total of 15 Port Moshlings.

There are currently 13 different Moshling Types: Beasties, Birdies, Fishies, Fluffies, Dinos, Ninjas, Worldies, Foodies, Ponies, Puppies, Kitties, Spookies and Secrets. It is expected that there will be a total of 26 Moshling Types.

List of MoshlingsEdit

Below is a list of all the current Moshlings available to catch in Moshi Monsters (Moshlings in Bold are Port Moshlings):

Arties: Scrumpy, Misty

Beasties: Burnie, Humphrey, Jeepers, ShiShi.

Birdies: DJ Quack, Peppy, Professor Purplex, Tiki.

Fishies: Blurp, Cali, Fumble, Stanley.

Fluffies: Dipsy, Flumpy, Honey, IGGY.

Dinos: Doris, Gurgle, Pooky, Snookums.

Ninjas: Chop Chop, General Fuzuki, Sooki-Yaki, Shelby.

Worldies: Liberty, Mini Ben, Cleo, Rocky.

Foodies: Coolio, Cutie Pie, Hansel, Oddie.

Ponies: Angel, Gigi, Mr Snoodle, Priscilla.

Puppies: Fifi, McNulty, Scamp, White Fang.

Kitties: Gingersnap, Lady Meowford, Purdy, Waldo.

Spookies: Big Bad Bill, Ecto, Kissy, Squidge.

Secrets: Roxy, Blingo, Dustbin Beaver, Baby Rox.

Snowies: Tomba, Leo, Gracie, Woolly.

Smiles: Tiamo, Rofl.

Luckies: Penny, Tingaling, O'Really, Furnado.

Zoshlings: Captain Squirk, First Officer Ooze, Dr. C. Fingz, Splutnik.

Mythies: Long Beard, Jessie, Shambles, Scarlet O' Haira.

Noisies: Betty, Boomer, Cherry Bomb, Judder.

Nutties: Shelly, CocoLoco, Pip.

Sporties: Rooby, Pocito.

Naughties: Raffles, Marcel.

Hipsters: YoYo.

Munchies: Fizzy, Suey.

RoxStars: Bobbi SingSong