The Moshi Membership, (released January 16, 2009), is a payed feature of Moshi Monsters. Moshi Memberships were introduced as a way for the Moshi Monster Team at Mind Candy to make more money, so they they could then afford to pay their workers, and also to help release new features for Moshi Monsters players.

Players with a Moshi Membership are commonly referred to as Moshi Members.

Benefits of becoming a Moshi MemberEdit

Becoming a Moshi Member is not a requirement to play Moshi Monsters, but it unlocks a slew of new features to improve gameplay.

Upon purchasing a Moshi Membership, you will receive a Moshi Passport. You can display this in your room, to let all of your friends know that you are a Moshi Member. You can use this passport to enter exclusive Member-only areas of Monstro City. These areas include The Port, Gift Island, Horrods and the Underground Disco.

Moshi Members can fully customize their Moshi's color scheme at the Colorama, changing the colors of all different places of their Moshi's body. With over a billion different combinations, the possibilities are almost endless! Members can also purchase upgrades for their Moshi's house, including upgrading up to 5 rooms for their Moshi's pad. Member's can also customize their house's exterior design from a plain house to a Magical Castle, Jungle Treefort or even a Skyscraper! There are many different House Themes for Members to choose from.

Moshi Members can also collect free Rox every day from Rox Trees in the Port. The amount of Rox received varies from day to day. There are also special seeds available only to Moshi Members that will attract special Moshlings called Port Moshlings. Members can keep up to 6 Moshlings in their room at any time, and can store other Moshlings away in their very own Moshling Zoo!

How to become a Moshi MemberEdit

Becoming a Moshi Member is easy! When on the Moshi Monsters homepage, click on the link up the top that says Membership!. From their, follow the instructions to purchasing your Membership. There a currently three different Membership Packages: 1 Month, 6 Months and 12 Months (1 Year). Over a twelve month period, the 12 Month (1 Year) Membership is the Best Value for Money option, as well as the most popular options. You will also receive a Nintendo DS, iPod Nano or Laptop Moshi Monster Skin when purchasing the 12 Month (1 Year) Membership!